Voice User Interfaces

Cell Culture Calculator

December 29, 2017: This voice app helps scientists with cell culture preparation so they can get the yield that they want without waste.

Built On: Amazon Alexa SDKAmazon Echo ShowAmazon Web Services

Dilution Calculator Protoype

August 16, 2017: I wanted to push the boundaries of emerging technologies with voice user interfaces. My customers at the time were scientists and worked in laboratories that were very sterile. Contamination of their experiments may result in lost time, effort, and money/future funding. And often times, scientists have gloves on and their hands are full... so why not use voice user interfaces?

I created this very light prototype so that I could get a conversation started with my business partners. Because of this prototype, we were able to create a more sophisticated prototype that would solve a genuine customer need while keeping the company on fringes of science and technology.

Built on: Alexa.jsAmazon Echo ShowAmazon Web Services

What's For Breakfast Protoype

August 15, 2017: I've been wanting to explore the frontiers of voice user interfaces from an opportunity perspective, so I thought "why not create a prototype". In this video, I was using the alexa.js built on node.js framework because the Alexa SDK developer experience was too verbose!

Built on: Alexa.jsAmazon Echo ShowAmazon Web Services

College Advisor Protoype

November 13, 2018: Due to the student loan "crisis" of $1.5 trillion dollars (and rising), I thought it may be of use to create a "College Advisor".

This Google Assistant will let the prospective student know if it's worth investing one's time and energy to commit to a loan.

Built on: Jovo FrameworkGoogle AssistantGoogle ActionsGoogle Cloud Platform