Digital Innovation

The question I get most often is "how does this apply to my customers, my business, and my industry". First, it starts off with an assessment. From there, I can tailor a strategic plan whether you're small businesses or part of a large enterprise. There are many options out there to fit your budget and team composition while achieving your goals on time.


  • Experimenting with new business models to determine value
  • Technology stack and team composition assessment
  • Transitional and/or experimental strategic planning
  • Reinventing customer experiences with new technologies

Extended Reality (XR): Virtual Reality(VR), Augmented Reality(AR), and 3D Web(Web3D)

These visualization modalities are no different than the web or mobile apps however differ in the way information is delivered.


  • Defining and developing a strategy that's unique to your organization's culture, products, and services
  • Content and experience development
  • Scaling options for large enterprises
  • Agency due diligence

Emerging Technology

New technologies are sprouting up everyday. But how does one discover or even make sense of emerging technologies and determine it's potential to solve your problems or create a new product or service?


  • Determine how emerging technologies synergize with your business
  • Discovery and research
  • Subject matter expertise outreach and interviewing

Conversion Rate Optimization(CRO)

Make the most of your digital marketing and/or eCommerce investments by implementing a conversion rate optimization program. Not only will you grow your business by doing data driven experimentation, but you will uncover hidden insights about your customers.


  • Conversion Rate Optimization program implementation
  • Technology selection and integration
  • Team training and head hunting